Safe . Simple . Low fees

M2M is a peer to peer trading platform built specifically for the BANANO community, by the community. The platform is being developed with emphasis on 3 key areas: ease of use, secure transactions and the lowest possible fees, covering costs and nothing more. The project has gained support from the BANANO community and the excellent BANANO development team. The long term goal is to create the go-to exchange for BANANO users and grow the community we love, thank you for your interest!


Development begins!
Development of the M2M platform has officially begun! It's early days but the aim is for a beta release in Q3 and full release before the end of the year, depending on funding and investment the launch may come a lot sooner.
The next update will include a project road map and white paper.



This project is not intended for financial gain however with no initial investment my personal wages will be used to get M2M off the ground so any donation would be greatly appreciated and would directly contribute to the roll-out and success of M2M.